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Celebrating 52 Years of Success: Cebu People’s Multi-purpose Cooperative 52nd Anniversary Grand Draw

As Cebu People’s Multi-purpose Cooperative (CPMPC) gears up to commemorate its 52nd anniversary on December 21, 2024, the excitement is visible with the announcement of the much-anticipated Grand Draw event. This milestone not only signifies over five decades of cooperative triumph and community solidarity but also presents a golden opportunity for members and participants to vie for an array of enticing prizes.


The upcoming anniversary event promises to be a grand affair, showcasing the rich history and remarkable achievements of the cooperative. It serves as a token of gratitude to the members for their unwavering support and dedication to the cooperative movement. The focal point of the celebration will be the Grand Draw, where a plethora of prizes await the fortunate winners.


Grand Draw Mechanics



– The Grand Draw is open to all current members of Cebu People’s Multi-purpose Cooperative.

New members who join the cooperative before the draw date are also eligible to participate.


How to Participate:

Members will receive complimentary tickets based on their active involvement in various cooperative activities.

– Each complimentary ticket earned equates to one entry in the Grand Draw.


Ticket Issuance:

Complimentary tickets are allocated for:

– Every Php 1,000 share capital contribution (accumulated).

– Every Php 10,000 time deposit placement for one year and above.

– Every Php 5,000 loan payment (accumulated).

– Opening a Master Saving Account and every additional deposit of Php 1,000.

– Attaining full-fledged membership in the cooperative.


Draw Process:

– All entries will be meticulously collected and verified.

– The winners will be randomly selected during the anniversary event.



Full Promo Details

In conjunction with the anniversary celebration, the cooperative introduces the “IPSave and Win Promo,” offering members an opportunity to increase their chances of winning by actively engaging in cooperative activities. Participants can earn complimentary tickets through various means such as share capital contributions, investments, loan payments, opening a Master Saving Account, and achieving full-fledged membership.



The Grand Draw boasts an exciting lineup of prizes to reward the dedication and participation of the members:

Grand Prize:

A House and Lot for one lucky winner.

Minor Prizes:

5 winners will receive Php 10,000 in cash each.

6 winners will receive Php 5,000 in cash each.

Consolation Prizes:

  40 winners will receive Php 1,000 in cash each.


Join us in commemorating 52 years of cooperative success at Cebu People’s Multi-purpose Cooperative. Engage in the IPSave and Win Promo, accumulate your complimentary tickets, and stand a chance to win exciting prizes, including a brand-new house and lot! We eagerly await your presence at the Grand Draw event, where together, we will create lasting memories of this significant milestone in the cooperative’s journey.