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Credit Services

Capital Business Loan

“Puhunan sa Negosyo,
Kooperatiba ang Kadangpan Mo”

This loan is for businesses that need higher capitalization. Businesses who avail loans under this program are assisted to come up with a more formal business proposal that complies with bank standards. Moreover, they must pass the standard evaluation process loan amounts. Under this are normally a lot bigger and are dependent on the needed capital.

Housing Loan

“Balay nga Pangandoy mo
sa Kooperatiba Maangkon Mo”

People’s Coop saw the need to seize the opportunity to provide members with decent housing through financing the cost of construction if the member owns a lot (land property).

Not just a partner in improving the lives of its members, but in improving the quality of life in the world.

Solar Panel Houses

Located in Sitio Kagudoy, Basak, Lapu-lapu City

Blessed Sacrament Subdivision – Solar Panel houses owned and developed by Cebu People’s Multipurpose Cooperative in Lapu-lapu City.

This Townhouse residential development offers comfortable living space, cost-effective and proximity wise. Blessed Sacrament Residences is the only Solar Panel Housing Project in Mactan which is being developed as the middle-end house and lot package. It is very affordable compared to any other subdivisions nearby surrounding this area with better access to commuter roads.

The Home for the Free Spirited Located in Mactan Island, Cebu, a place surrounded by premium resorts and weekend getaways, Blessed Sacrament Residences is a distinct and exclusive place you will call home.

A great expansive view of the Mactan Area and accessibility to any place make Blessed Sacrament Residences a sought-after place to live in.


“May Negosyo kana
Maka-Patrabaho Pa”

  • Wash Products Production
  • Digital Printing: Mugs, T-Shirt, Tarpaulin & Other Souvenir Items
  • Ticketing: Airline & Shipping
  • NSO Processing
  • Photocopy

Farm Financing

This Loan Program supports the farming ventures of the farmer-members of high-yielding cash crops. It should cover land preparation, planting, farm maintenance, and crop harvesting.

The Cooperative finances the purchase of the required farm inputs and supplies the working capital. The Cooperative also facilitates access to farming technologies.

Fisheries Financing

This Loan Program enables the fisherfolks who are members of the Cooperative to purchase their own bancas and other fishing gears.

The cooperative assists them in finding the market by connecting them to other members as well.

Livestock Financing

This Loan Program is geared to finance our farmers who are into livestock or poultry production.

However, as a counterpart, they must provide the space and the necessary building structure to start the business. The Coop also facilitates access to animal care technologies and training.

For Inquiries

We develop programs and services that are mutually beneficial to every member in times of need. To inquire about the above-mentioned programs, please call us:

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