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Other Branded Services

Money Transfers / Remittances

People’s Cooperative brought to you its fast and enhanced Money Transfer & Remittance service in town! With its customer-centric methodology, we guarantee customer satisfaction!

In addition to our growing number of outlets nationwide, we partner with the following to add widespread accessibility and convenience to our members. People’s Cooperative continues to improve its system to compete nationwide as one of the biggest money transfer outlets in the Philippines.

Bills Payment

Long lines and crowded places can be daunting. Especially during the time of pandemic! Put your worries away, mga ka-Coop! Pay your bills through our simple yet innovative Bills Payment System! Gone are the days of burdensome commute to payment centers just to stay on track with due bills!

People’s Cooperative continues to find ways to assist its members with premium and branded services. With our upgraded bills payment system, transactions of our members are easier and reliable!

With Bills Payment through our system, transactions are faster, easier, and more reliable.

Bills You Pay

Payment Channels

Make fast and secure mobile load with People's Cooperative! You can purchase mobile load from all networks through the following:

Prepaid Load (Smart | Sun | Globe | TM)
Load Subscription
Jeepney Fare or RFID
MyCoop Care Card

Process your ticket requests with ease to support and help you deal with any issues or incidents in your transactions.


Damayan Program

Age 18-60
  • Php. 900.00 Yearly Contribution
  • Coverage With Cash Assistance Php. 20,000.00
Age 61-68
  • Php. 1,500.00 Yearly Contribution
  • Coverage 6 months contestability With cash assistance P20,000.00
Age 11-17
  • Beneficiaries
  • Php. 900.00 Yearly Contribution
  • Coverage No cash assistance


  • St. Peter Memorial Service
  • Pick-up cadaver
  • Embalming good for 9 days
  • Delivery of casket cadaver
  • Home viewing for 9 days
  • Burial arrangement
  • Interment
  • 1 wreath flower arrangement


Death due to accident, double the cash assistance

Memorial services are convertible to cash amounting up to 15,000 plus cash assistance.


24 kilometers free charge

Health & Insurance Program

Hospitalization Credit Line of PHP 50,000.00

  • For emergency purposes in case of admission in hospital
  • Hassle free/easy access
  • Guaranteed up to 100% of your share capital as your initial load during your hospitalization confinement
  • One (1) year pre-qualification period for pre-existing illness


Must be a MIGS Member
Compulsory Registration

Enrollment Fee: PHP 500
Renewal Fee: PHP 150


To quickly respond in financial assistance of any member (MIGS) and to its enrolled immediate family by providing easy access from among accredited hospitals in case of emergency.

  1. Member should bring along their MC3 card and Coop ID for hospital purposes.
  2. Member will proceed to the ER and present his/her MC3 card.
  3. Member will inform the branch that they will be admitted to a particular hospital.
  4. Brach will determine the status of the member should be MIGS. Determine the share capital and the credit limit of the member.
  5. Branch will call the MWD head for the letter of Authority (LOA) to be issued for hospital purposes.
  6. MWD head will issue a letter of Authority (LOA) named to the member patient and send it through email to the particular hospital so that a NO CASH DEPOSIT will be made by the member.
  7. Upon discharge, excess of the limit amount will be shouldered by the member/patient.
  8. Member then will apply for hospitalization loan through online or in the branch.
  1. In case of members’ death, the beneficiary should inform the respective branch/es.
  2. Brach verifies the obligation is already paid.
  3. Branch should inform the MWD Head.
  4. MWD Head will call and inform the St. Peter Agent. Will text the necessary details which is the deceased name, beneficiary’s name and contact number the Life Plan Application Number or Contact Number.

Group Life Accident Insurance with Fire Insurance (GLAFI) Age 18-69

Annual Premium P 300
Benefits; PLAN 1
Accidental Death & Disablement and Dismemberment 50,000
Murder or Unprovoked Assault 25,000
Cash Burial Benefit due to Accident 15,000
Life Insurance 15,000
Fire Insurance Cash Assistance 10,000


Only 1 fire insurance granted if the member has advantage insurance (formerly home secure). Whichever is higher that 1 year contestability for existing illness for Life Insurance.

Coop Aksi Plan

Maximum Benefits Bronze Silver Gold
Accidental Death & Disablement and Dismemberment 20,000 50,000 100,00
Unprovoked murder and assault 10,000 20,000 50,000
Medical Reimbursement Due to Accident 2,000 5,000 10,000
Hospital Income Rider due to accident (maximum 7 days per current year) 100/day 200/day 300/day
Annual Premium 100 185 330

A renewable policy with premiums paid on an annual basis and accepts applicants aged 18-69 years old. Exit age: 70 years old.

PATXT 15 Personal Accident Insurance Protection Program

Coverage Amount
Accidental Death P5,000
Accidental Permanent Disablement P5,000
Death Due to Motorcycling Acciden P5,000
Accidental Death Due to Drowning, Snake/Dog Bite P5,000


Eligible Age from 1 to 99 Years Old

To activate your insurance coverage, type:

PATXT <space> CODE <space> BIRTHDATE(Yr-Mo-Day) <space>  FULLNAME and send to 09428254627
Example: PATXT15 10001 1986-08-24 RIVERA, STEPHANIE P.

Vehicle Insurance

Type of Motor Car Insurance

CTPL -Compulsory Third Party Liability
OD – Owned Damage Insurance

ATM Encashment

MyCoop Members can cash out from any of the following outlets using MC3 card:

For Inquiries

We develop programs and services that are mutually beneficial to every member in times of need. To inquire about the above-mentioned programs, please call us:

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