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Cebu People’s Multi-Purpose Cooperative Celebrates a Monumental 50th Founding Anniversary

On December 21st, 2022, Cebu People’s Multi-Purpose Cooperative celebrated its biggest milestone to date – the 50th founding anniversary. This serves as a historical legacy of the cooperative’s longevity and for standing strong amid all its challenges over the past decades.

To commemorate the golden anniversary, a lavish party occurred at the Waterfront Hotel and Casino, featuring a holy mass, entertainment performances, raffle activities, and a delicious feast of Filipino favorites. Dashing in their traditional Filipino outfits, attendees from the provinces across the Philippines gathered together for a glamorous night.

From the board of directors, committees, partners (CLIMBS, Dept. of Agriculture, pioneer members, former chairperson, general manager/CEO, members in good standing members), People’s Jeep Trans Coop staff to sponsors, everyone was enthusiastic and engaged throughout the event.

To extend gratitude to all the cooperative members and supporters, a string of amazing prizes was given. Ten consolation prize winners received 10 kilos of rice and boxes of My-C vitamins. The third prize winner from the TMPC branch grabbed a brand new Honda Click 125 and 73 boxes of My-C vitamins. A lucky winner from the Bantayan branch won the Yamaha NMAX and 72- boxes of My-C vitamins. And for the grand winner, another member from the Bantayan branch seized the brand new Toyota Wigo and 72- boxes of My-C vitamins.

Various giveaways and prizes were generously given throughout the event. Wearing their brightest smiles, the spectator members and management staff reminisced on the humble beginnings of the cooperative as a series of video montages were played.

President and CEO, Brian Yap, mentioned in his video montage that one of his primary goals is to spread the good deeds of Cebu People’s Cooperative across the country. With this, more people would benefit from the cooperative services and programs that have continuously changed lives since the birth of the cooperative.

The now-established Cebu People’s Multi-Purpose Cooperative traces its humble beginnings way back to December 21st of 1972. In an endeavor to provide a program that empowers people to achieve financial independence, the cooperative was collectively organized by Scarborough fathers through the efforts of VICTO. It was then held at the first office at Borromeo Building on F. Ramos Street, Cebu City. Since then, the cooperative gradually expand across the provinces of the Philippines — becoming a support for business, savings, and livelihood.

Today, Cebu People’s Cooperative continues to be increasingly relevant not only with the adults but also with the youth. With its current management and innovative initiatives, the cooperative has become a model for social transformation and has worked consistently towards the sustainable development of Filipino communities.